Qualities of a Classic British Chesterfield Sofa

After a house and a car, the sofa is the most expensive item, one is likely to purchase in everyday life. Everyone’s tired of wasting money on a crappy sofa that looks good for a couple of years and then looks like crap very soon. Help to gain a better understanding for perfect chesterfield sofas quality has to be questioned positively.

There are definitely some obvious quality things to look for.

Good Polishing:

As with any handmade product, some high standard factors are required in building chesterfield sofas. A good polishing or French polishing is exposed at the points of chesterfield such as legs, feet etc.

Well Shaped Springs:

The long lasting shape of this piece of furniture depends on the springs and the padding applied panel by panel, giving it a finished shape. Multitude suspension systems are desired according to the design. So never opt for a lower grade scrimping or webbing of springs as the suspension will likely to fail at some point.

Well Sewed:

Often neglected area of a sofa is its sewing, so strongest threads and double stitching at areas mostly stressed literally makes it rare. If you see strongly sewed Chesterfield sofas, there is no point to question anymore.


Solid Wood Frames

Always look for solid wood frames which are durable. Beech is unbelievable resilient material to go for.Good quality frames of chesterfield sofa are doweled, glued and screwed together to provide strength to joints.

Only stapled frames will fail over a short time as they are often moved. Softwood and chip boards never Illustrates the standards of consistency and quality.

Foam Filling:

Fillings of the foam add comfort. Arms, backs and buttoned seats contain foam ideally suited to the iconic chesterfield lines. Low end stuffing at the corners will not make one sit comfortably for long on the chesterfield sofas.

High Quality Leather:

Excellent leather sourced from good tanneries embraces the original quality and durability of leather. Stained and quickly rubbed off parts adversely affects the consistency of the material.

Detachable Cushions:

Seat cushions should be removed easily for easy refilling as sewn cushions cannot be replaced or refilled when needed. Also, you need to separate the cushions for cleaning purposes.

Furthermore, different people have different opinions about cushions. Some like it and some not. If you are buying a chesterfield sofa for guest room, it must have detachable cushions.


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